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HJC Chaired the Eighth Meeting of Steering Committee for Courts Projects and Facilities Management  


The Steering Committee for Courts Projects and Facilities Management held the eighth meeting chaired by High Judicial Council represented by Chief Justice Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad to discuss Hebron Courthouse Construction Project. The committee included Head of Canadian Cooperation Jason Tulk, UNOPS, Mayor of Hebron Municipality Mr. Tayseer Abu-Snaneh, General Manager Mr. Tokumitsu Kobayashi, and representatives from HJC, UNDP, and Public Prosecution.

The eighth meeting aimed at following up the implementation of the Canadian Projects and Facility Management Project (DAYMOUMA); in addition to adopting amendments on courthouse complex in Hebron and ways to cope with international standards and human rights also to be real translation for the strategic plan of Judicial Authority.

In his speech, Chancellor Saad thanked donors and partners in Canadian Project especially UNDP and UNOPS assuring the importance of this project in elevating mechanism of judicial process and reforming litigation environment in addition to providing suitable justice services for citizens and to facilitate access to justice; knowing that HJC added the General Department of Facilities Management into its budget and organizational structure with paying attention to the integration of gender perspective and human rights as key components to be customized with local laws and international conventions.   

His Excellency informed the attendance that HJC worked hard to overcome changes faced the constructions of Hebron court, assuring the importance of integration and partnership in work process between all partners to come up with tangible results; knowing that the Canadian Project is considered a fruitful experience in building courts.

For his part, Mr. Tulk expressed his appreciation to HJC cooperation and efforts to raise the standards of litigation environment and work mechanism of Palestinian judiciary.

Mr. Kobayashi assured UNOPS readiness for continues cooperation to develop services and judicial facilities to achieve goals of Facility Management Project (DAYMOUMA).

For his part, The Mayor Mr. Abu-Snaneh also emphasized complete cooperation from Hebron Municipality to guarantee success for the construction of Hebron courthouse project.