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Chief Justice Meets ILF Delegation  


Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with delegation from The International Legal Foundation (ILF) represented by Attorney Muhanad Assaf in the presence of Secretary General Asad Shunnar and Juvenile Judge Hala Mansour, to discuss cooperation and ways of developing early legal aid services provided by ILF to the needy litigators specially women and juvenile.

Chancellor Abu Sharar assured the significance of legal aid for poor people and the importance of improving it under the frame of clear criteria to ensure human rights and representing these needy sectors legally in Palestine. Chief Justice indicated that the endorsement of legal aid system was listed on meeting agenda of Legal Aid Coordination Committee which was delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic.  

H.E. confirmed that High Judicial Council will not be a hindrance in the way of any party that provides legal aid, and HJC will cooperate with ILF to the extent possible under applicable laws. Meanwhile, H.E. assured that HJC hasn't a jurisdiction to address Magistrate judges with instructions to call a legal aid services for needy defendants before courts, which requires developing Palestinian legislations to regulate such proceedings.

For his part, Mr. assaf assured that ILF is working in Palestine in cooperation with the competent governmental institutions to protect the rights of needy defendants by hiring lawyers for them specially women and juvenile. He indicated that ILF is a non-profit organization works in several countries and Palestine to build sustainable legal systems.