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     Access to justice for all in free will and without borders            Our priority is to carry out justice in the shortest possible time            Where justice is achieved, prosperity is enforced            Access to justice for all is the first duty society            Access to justice exists when it can be afforded for all      
Chief Justice "Access to Justice is a Key Element for Rule of Law and Good Governance"  


Chief Justice, Chief Justice Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad met with Minister of Women's Affairs Ms. Haifa Al-Agha and Deputy Minister Mr. Bassam Al-Khateeb, SAWASYA Program Director Mr. Christopher Decker, Program's Director in UNWOMEN Ms. Enas Marjia and Program Analyst Ms. Hanan Kamar.

Chief Justice welcomed the attendees and assured the importance of cooperation to achieve justice for women and he mentioned HJC achievements in the field of gender perspective among them the integration of Gender Unit in strategic plan of HJC, holding meetings related to gender cases, preparing studies on cases of gender based violence in Palestinian courts, allocating of specialized judges in all courts to consider gender cases, reviewing number of laws in force related to perspective of gender and working on customizing them to achieve best interest for women, observing and following up women's complaints related to gender cases.

For her part, Ms. Al-Agha appreciated the role of HJC in the field of gender and assured the importance of cooperation between all governmental and non-governmental institutions in order to achieve fair and justice to women. She also mentioned that Palestine managed to achieve an extraordinary progress in gender perspective specially that one third of Palestinian judges are women and they proved their proficiency and competence.

 Mr. Decker thanked chief justice and Minister of Women's Affairs for their invitation to attend such an important meeting and expressed his profound gratitude for bringing up discussion and dialog on women's affairs; he added that the developing of Gender Unit and allocating 31 specialized gender judges indicate the highest concern of HJC in women rights. Mr. Decker assured that the international community is interested in gender and women rights in Palestine and praised interactive and cooperation among all institutions that work in related to women cases and affairs.

At the end of the meeting, all participants agreed on holding regular meetings to discuss work plans and to overcome obstacles to guarantee complete support for Palestinian women.