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Chief Justice Discusses the Plan of Transitional High Judicial Council with Civil Society Organizations  


Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with representatives from civil society organizations to discuss the frame of Transitional High Judicial Council plan for the remaining period of the mandate that was granted by law to reform justice system and gaining back public trust.

Chancellor Abu Sharar emphasized that justice reform needs extraordinary efforts and collaboration between all partners specially CSOs to achieve cumulative construction phase which leads to fulfill the intended goal. H.E. assured that the Transitional High Judicial Council is setting the building block for judiciary which will be completed by the next permanent council.

The plan was launched as result for the situations during the last period in terms of backlog of cases and deterioration for public trust in judiciary. The plan also identified work mechanisms in related to fill the lack of judges in judicial bodies. For their part, representatives from CSOs described the plan as ambitious and they presented their comments and notes on it; and they assured their eagerness for the success of the Transitional High Judicial Council for the consequent supreme national interest.   

At the end of the meeting, Chancellor Abu Sharar commented on CSOs statements and answered their questions; both parties agreed to hold regular meetings and consultations for the next phase.