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Chief Justice Meets Acting EU Representative in Palestine  


Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with Acting EU Representative in Palestine Thomas Nicholson and Head of Programs Simona Galotta to discuss work plan of Transitional High Judicial Council.

Chancellor Abu Sharar presented a brief on the framework of Transition High Judicial Council work plan and talked about partnership with civil society organizations.

During the meeting, the attendance discussed procedures that have been taken to gaining back public trust in judiciary; appointments and promotions of judges which have been considered a necessity to handle with the load of case in courts. All such steps have contributed positively in raising public trust accounted for 14% since the Transition High Judicial Council started its work. They also talked about filling the gap in administrative staff and the support giving by government by providing financial appropriation.   

For his part, Mr. Nicholson assured EU complete readiness to provide support to achieve reform of judiciary, and EU commitment to support Palestinians and justice sector wishing success for the Transition High Judicial Council in achieving its goals.