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High Judicial Council Opens Training on Media Coverage of Courts  


Transitional High Judicial Council opened training on media coverage of regular courts targeted journalists and practitioners in media institutions and media graduates.  

Member of Transitional High Judicial Council and Judicial training Department Officer Judge Azmi Al-Tanjeer welcomed the trainees and assured that journalists are the first line of defense for their countries' matters and under an obligation to promulgate knowledge and culture.

Judge Al-Tanjeer indicated that Transitional High Judicial Council represented by Chief Justice Abu Sharar paid attention to expand prospects of cooperation with media institutions, recognizing the important role of media in enhancing citizens' trust in judiciary.

Head of Judicial Media Center Faris Sabanah started the training with theoretical introduction on judicial media and highlighted the values and basics of judicial media, in addition to topics related to misunderstandings between media and judiciary.

Sabanah clarified that the training will include practical and theoretical aspects; knowing that number of judges will deliver training on justice sector institutions, courts levels, types of judgments, procedures of civil and criminal cases, as well as training on news-writing related to courts.

For his part, media coordinator of the training Muafaq Amera assured that the training aims to raise the efficiency of practitioners in media institutions by addressing judgments filed in courts in accordance with the legal principles and professional standards.

Amera indicated that the training will include field trip to courts for the purpose of continues openness and communication with media institutions, and for practical application during and after training.