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Amidst COVID- 19 Chief Justice Holds "Virtual Meeting" with British Consul General  


Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar held virtual meeting with the British Consul General in Jerusalem Mr. Philip Hall to discuss joint cooperation that enhance capacity development of Judicial Authority in the field of administrative judiciary in Palestine.

Chief Justice clarified that Transitional HJC is perusing the reform process under sophisticated and sensitive circumstances at all levels: politically, financially, health and security. Chancellor Abu Sharar reviewed the role of Judicial Authority during the state of emergency in addition to its priority in keeping public rights and freedoms during the spread of COVID- 19.

Chancellor Abu Sharar assured the financial crises has reflected negatively on the performance of judicial Authority; explaining that the share of Judicial Authority out of general budget is very humble and any developing process requires increasing the judiciary's share of the general budget. He also indicated that shortage in qualified human resources is one of the main challenges facing Judicial Authority in recent years, pointing out that Transitional HJC is working on improving the efficiency of Judicial Inspection and reactivating Technical Office.

Chief Justice indicated that efforts are under way to establish court complex in Ramallah City, to fill the shortage in judges' number, to provide courts with qualified judges, to train and to raise judges' capacity through comprehensive training program, to continue the amendments of legislations and procedural laws that speed up litigation process, to review the organizational structure of HJC that has not been modified since 2006.

For his part, Consul General Mr. Hall assured that UK is committed to support Palestine at all levels specifically justice sector, expressing his hope that next phase can witness more clarification for the roles, responsibilities and powers in justice sector. He also indicated that his country recognizes the Palestine is facing challenges resulted from the successive political development and its implications on justice sector especially during the financial crises. Mr. Hall mentioned that UK is in close contact with European partners to provide continues logistic support for justice sector in Palestine.

It is worth noting that meeting reviewed the issue of administrative judiciary and challenges that may face its establishment on two litigation levels; knowing that UK has offered providing technical assistance and exchanging expertise in case of founding a Palestinian legislation that regulates independent administrative judiciary.