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     Access to justice for all in free will and without borders            Our priority is to carry out justice in the shortest possible time            Where justice is achieved, prosperity is enforced            Access to justice for all is the first duty society            Access to justice exists when it can be afforded for all      
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 Selected Legal Links

1. Palestinian Legislative Council: المجلس التشريعي 
2. Palestinian Ministry of Justice وزارة العدل
3. The Palestinian *draft* constitution in Arabic and in English مسودة الدستور الفلسطيني
4.Palestinian Bar Association نقابة المحامين 
5. Al-Haq Online: مؤسسة "الحق" 
6. Index of Human Rights in Arab Countries: mainly in Arabic, has all documents related to human rights in Arab countries 
7. The Arab Organization for Human Rights: links and resources 
8. Arab Center For Law Studies and High Technology - news and services 
9. The Arab Association for Human Rights: looking after the Palestinian rights against Israeli law 
10.The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen's Rights
11. Adalah - non-profit, non-sectarian Arab-run legal center in Palestinian green line areas 
12. B'Tselem: the Israeli information center for human rights in occupied Palestine 
13. International Commission of Jurists website 
14. The American Society of International Law - ASIL resources on criminal law, armed conflict, human rights, environmental law and lots more. 
15. Lebanese Bar Association (in Arabic) 
16. List of bar associations around the world (from HierosGamos) 
17 .Treaties, accords, protocols and resolutions related to Palestine and Middle East 
18. Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) (Laws of the world, from the Library of Congress) 
19. Hieros Gamos - The Comprehensive Law and Government portal law resources worldwide 
20. Palestinian Public Prosecution