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Chief Justice Meets the New Head of EUPOL COPPS  



Chief Justice Chancellor Issa Abu Sharar met with the new Head of EUPOL COPPS Nataliya Apostolova to discuss joint cooperation between High Judicial Council and the Mission.

The Chief Justice welcomed the new head of mission and conveyed his warm greetings and congratulations on her new position wishing her success in Palestine. Chancellor Abu Sharar also expressed his deep appreciation for the efforts taken by EUPOL COPPS in supporting and developing Judicial Authority.

His Excellency indicated that Transitional High Judicial Council has had several achievements on the level of courts' structure and providing courts with new judges; however, the work of HJC had been hampered by COVID-19 pandemic and restricted financial resources of PA.

Chancellor Abu Sharar assured that Transitional High judicial Council exercises its powers in accordance to law and  the judiciary requires ongoing development; pointing that THJC has a complementarity partnership with other justice institutions specially Palestinian Judicial Institute, which executes the training for judges.

For her part, Mrs. Apostolova assured the continued cooperation between EUPOL COPPS and HJC in the coming years, she added that the mission has appointed an international judge to provide the needed expertise to judiciary along with the intention to appoint a second judge. Mrs. Apostolova has demonstrated the mission willingness to provide assistance and support for Palestinian judiciary.