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     Access to justice for all in free will and without borders            Our priority is to carry out justice in the shortest possible time            Where justice is achieved, prosperity is enforced            Access to justice for all is the first duty society            Access to justice exists when it can be afforded for all      
HJC Participates in the Meeting of Justice Sector Working Group  


Chief Justice Chancellor Emad Saleem Saad participated in the annual high- level meeting of JSWG at Grand Park Hotel in Ramallah.

During the meeting, Chancellor Saad thanked all participants from justice sector in Palestine especially Chair of JSWG Minister of Justice Ali Abu Diak, Attorney General Ahmad Barak, international partners and friend countries who support justice system represented by Deputy Chair of JSWG Mr. Peter Mollema Head of Representative Office of Netherlands.

Chief Justice assured the importance of judicial partnership between all justice sector actors in Palestine and donors to build distinctive and effective Palestinian judiciary on local and international level through signing international judicial agreements. H. E. mentioned that HJC paid intensive concern to the principles of fair trial and developed justice system and to be outlined in its strategic plan 2017-2022.  

H. E. also indicated that HJC worked on developing justice system to able to provide fair trial effectively and efficiently through improving litigation procedures, SOPs for courts and HJC departments, infrastructure for courthouses and developing human resources.

For his part, Mr. Mollema expressed his deep appreciation and thanks to institutions of justice sector and their efforts to prepare strategic plan, he also assured that Kingdom of Netherlands is ready to support this sector in order to guarantee rule of law and respect public rights.