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Third Workshop on Strategic Plan of Judicial Authority  


On Feb 15, 2016 - High Judicial Council held workshop on Judicial Authority strategic plan 2014-2016 within Core of Excellence Program and implemented in cooperation with "Enhancing Palestinian Justice "project funded by UNDP. The workshop targeted chiefs of Dewan and administrative employees in courts of Hebron, Halhoul, Dora and Yatta to engage them with the strategic objectives of HJC and to identify the roles of different departments in executing HJC plan.

President of Hebron Court Awni Barbarawi opened the third workshop emphasizing the importance of holding these workshops for Palestinian judiciary.

It is worth noting that this workshop completes the previous workshops that have been done in courts of northern and central governorates.

A supervisor in Planning Unit Mahmoud Sbahat presented a brief idea about the strategic plan and ways to form it. Also Chief Dewan of High Court of Justice Issa Zahran gave instructions about the roles of courts departments in achieving the plan.

It is worth noting that High Judicial Council policy is constantly looking at new ways to upgrade and improve the efficiency of courts employees.